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Signature Pedicures

Premium PedicureSusan $70 Emily $60 Janet $50
You receive all the features of the standard pedicure but you’ll have the added benefits of an organic soak, luxurious scrub and our creamy lotion with along with a longer massage. Approximately 75 minutes. This is equivalent in style to our “weekly Special” in that we will either select a scent for you or offer you a choice depending on current stock.
Premium Plus PedicureSusan $85 Emily $75
This is by far our most relaxing pedicure and takes 90 minutes, features everything the Premium pedicure offers and adds an amazing hot mud mask that is applied to your ankles, heels and feet infused with 72 trace minerals to deeply moisturize your skin.
Warm Apple Cider (Seasonal)Susan $70 Emily $60 Janet $50
Revitalize with this deliciously tempting scent – it’s a tangy, fruity garden of delight. Inspired from ingredients like Red & Green Apple, Almond, Cinnamon, Hawthorn and Carnations. It will nourish your skin with 72 trace minerals leaving you softer, glowing and hydrated. Served with hot Spiced Apple Cider!
Lavender Bouquet$75.00
Relax your body and mind with our fresh new Lavender Pedicure. First soak in the restorative properties of the; Dead Sea, Mineral salts, Epsom salts and essential oils. Then we will whisk away old dry skin with our soothing salt scrub which contains Lavender, Green Tea, and St. Johns Wart to aid in reducing stress and anxiety. Finally, we will massage away any left over stress in your legs and feet using our unique blend of Ayurveda oils to balancing the body.
Tuscan BouquetSusan $75 Emily $70 Janet $60
Unwind with the scents a of Lavender, Chamomile, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Vanilla and White Rose essential oils. All known to help ease stress and relax tension out of the body. This pedicure comes with a dead sea salt soak, an all organic brown sugar scrub and Ayurvedic lotion foot massage which is deeply moisturizing, amazingly relaxing!

Standard Pedicures

Standard PedicureSusan $60 Emily $50 Janet $40
Soak, trim and shape nails, cuticle clean up, callus smoothing, massage and polish. A standard pedicure is designed as a maintenance pedicure. - (@60 min.)

Clinical Pedicures

Clinical Initial$120.00 (+ or -)
First time evaluation of feet (new or current client), full history, photos, recognize and correct as many issues as time permits, recommend treatment options. Plus 25% discount given on Footlogix products purchased at time of check out, to assist you in clearing up your condition. Please be aware that this appointment can last as long as 2 hours.
Clinical Return$90.00 (+ or -)
This is a return visit where we perform a full pedicure, discuss how the current treatment measures have worked for you thus far, add if there are any new issues to address. If we have discussed adding a B/S Brace please schedule a second appt just after this one so we have enough time or email me a note so that I can be sure we have the time needed.
B/S Brace$55.00
If we have discussed adding a B/S Brace please include this when scheduling your appointment, so we have enough time to apply the brace.


Aloe Vera Paraffin Dip - Hands$7.50
Treat your hands to a little TLC while your feet are getting pampered in our deeply moisturizing Aloe infused warm paraffin wax designed to moisturize and sooth sore dry hands.
10 Min. Extra Massage$20.00
Treat your legs and feet to an extra long massage. This will be in addition to the massage already included with your pedicure.
20 Min. Extra Massage$35.00
Treat your legs and feet to an extra long and relaxing massage. This will be in addition to the massage already included with your pedicure. Your legs and feet will love the added attention!

Foot Massage

30-Minute - Tired Legs & Feet$35.00
Do your feet need a little TLC? This will make them feel right as rain. Sit back and relax in our massage chair for a 10-minute foot soak then receive a 10 minute massage on each lower leg and foot. ** No Polish or Nail Care**
20-Minute - Tired Legs & Feet w/Polish$45.00
Feet in need of a little TLC? This will make them feel right as rain. Sit back enjoy our HumanTouch massage chair while your feet relax in our tension releasing foot soak then receive a 10-minute massage on each lower leg and foot. Afterwards we will polish your nails. Keep in mind that no trimming, no callus or cuticle work is done on the toes prior to polishing. Therefore, the polish will not last the 4-6 week it would normally last like our true pedicures.